Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces are very similar to metal braces but they are much less visible because the brackets that cover part of a tooth are coloured to blend in with the tooth. It is also possible to use a very light coloured bracket retaining wire so the overall effect is one that is far less noticeable than metal braces. The advantage of this type of brace over invisible (clear plastic) aligners is that they are much more effect in moving teeth and as such can be used for a shorter duration to achieve the same repositioning.

Ceramic Braces

Are ceramic braces better than metal braces?

Well, in many cases they can align teeth just as well as metal braces, but they are not suitable for all. Ceramic braces may look better but they cannot withstand as much pressure as a metal brace so if your teeth require significant movement then a metal brace may be the recommended treatment. However, many people say ceramic braces are more comfortable to wear citing less irritation of the gums, but this is subjective.

The drawback to ceramic is that these braces are more expensive because they generally take more time to fit and adjust in subsequent treatments. They are also less resistant to shock and it maybe that less pressure is applied to the bracket when fitted to limit cracking or damage when worn. This can mean that treatment times are a little extended compared to metal bracket braces. If you're interested in ceramic because they are less visible them come and talk to us. We'll examine your teeth and give you an appraisal as to the suitability of ceramic, over other braces treatments.

One of the leading brands of ceramic braces is Clarity (made by 3M) who claim that more than 1 million have been treated using their design. Click here CLARITY BRACES to view the 3M brochure. There are various types of these braces including some that are metal reinforced so if you are interested in this type of brace then the best action is to book a Consultation and come along for an examination and discussion about what would work best for you.

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